The Berm Won’t Work

11 Reasons the Proposed Berm WILL NOT Protect Bowness Residents from Flood Damages


In conclusion, The City of Calgary should be pressing the Province to develop upstream mitigation options to limit the peak flow rate on the Bow River through Calgary to 800 m3/s. History has shown that flow rates approaching 800 m3/s will cause groundwater flooding in Bowness. Setting a target peak flow rate of 1230m3/s amounts to deliberately inducing additional damages to Bowness that would not have occurred with flow rates below 800 m3/s.

The City’s efforts at this time constitute an expensive, environmentally destructive, critically technically flawed and demonstrably ineffective waste of tax dollars. Other communities are being offered effective protection from both overland and groundwater flood damages, and the residents of Bowness should be provided the same consideration.

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