Who We Are

Our Vision and Mission

By 2024, the BRFM will have gained commitment to deliver responsible and effective flood mitigation for the Bow River basin.

On behalf of our members we work collaboratively with the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta to advocate for responsible and effective flood prevention. With this in mind we seek:

  • Upstream flood mitigation solutions to protect vulnerable communities, located along the Bow River from devastating flooding;
  • Prudent use of Government funds with effective and long term upstream mitigation solutions;
  • A solution that retains the Bowness community’s natural river environment and animal habitat, through minimal manmade impact; and
  • Fair, equitable and transparent treatment from decision makers and their administration.

Our Structure

BRFM is a volunteer based non-profit organization and is registered as a Society by the Government of Alberta. Today we are totally self-funded by our members.

Our Board has nine directors and is supported by 5 sub-committees: Government Relations, Legal, Communications & IT, Research and Technical. If you have any interest in joining one of our subcommittees please let us know by sending an email to info@bownessrfm.ca.

BRFM Board Members

President (Chair)
Vice President, Lead Information & Research
Director – Government Relations
Director – Environment
Director at Large
Director – Technical
Director – Communications
Director – Technical
Director – Memberships
Director – Legal
Jean Woeller
Jason New
Brenda Parai
David Chalack
Fred Hemmerling
Margo Pagonis
Hank Vrielink
Patti Peck
Hank Vrielink
Tobin Walker