City Hall May 15, 2019

BRFM Stands Up at City’s Annual Flood Mitigation Update on May 15, 2019.

Thanks go out to the 47 residents who submitted letters to the committee prior to the meeting, the presenters and our neighbours who joined us at in Council Chambers to lend your moral support.

The following members of BRFM addressed committee members in person. City procedure allows only 5 minutes per address from the public. Here are the presenters from Bowness, in order and their topic of discussion. The presentations demonstrate the professionalism and the effort that went into making some noise at City Hall on May 15th. Please click on the presenter’s name for their presentation.

1) Patti Peck – opening address, setting the context, introducing BRFM and sharing our GW poll results
2) David Chalack – Consultation
3) Candace Truman – Equality and Fairness
4) Dr. Tad Dabrowski – Groundwater
5) David Burton – Barrier Effectiveness
6) Jean Woeller – BRFM Tree Census Report and Environmental Concerns
7) Hank Vrielink – Upstream Mitigation Option
8) Margaret Jessop – A personal message from the heart
9) Jason New – Feedback on Inaccuracy of Information
10) Sherry Vrielink – A personal message from the heart
11) Phyllis McCord – A personal message from the heart

Click here for the Video recording of 2018 Flood Resiliency and Mitigation Annual Update
begins at 3:47:15. Bownesian’s addresses to committee members also found in the video recording.