BRFM Society March Update

Bowness Community Flood Mitigation Working Group
In accordance with City of Calgary protocols, the in-person meetings of the working group have been cancelled for March and April. The City is currently working on on-line opportunities.

For information on the community working group, or to review past meeting minutes and presentations, please visit:

Groundwater Study
The City has indicated that they expect an April timeframe for the Groundwater Study to be completed and are working on a plan for communicating the results. There is a high level of complexity with the computer modelling that forms a part of the groundwater study and a large number of scenarios reflecting different flow rates, barrier alignment options and barrier designs that consider overland and groundwater protection.

April 15th Council Committee Update
It is expected that the annual update on Calgary’s Flood Resiliency Plan to the Utilities & Corporate Services Committee will still take place in some form on April 15th. We are waiting for information as to how this will occur within City of Calgary protocols during the local state of emergency.

Stay tuned for Calls To Action such as letters or emails of written submissions.

Upcoming From the City
The City has shared that they will be sending out a March project newsletter to provide an update.

In January, the City made a commitment to the community working group to provide a 6 month project schedule. To date, the City has not provided the schedule but assures that they are working on it.

BRFM continues to press the City for a clear outline of the decision process and decision makers for the Barrier Project. The lack of clarity with the decision making process is very concerning as is the City’s inability to communicate the process.

Social Connection
Due to COVID-19, BRFM plans for a spring social night have been put on hold.

Take care & stay healthy!