October 6, 2019 – Call to Action- Bow Basin Water Management Option Open House

Call to action – Please attend the remaining Bow Basin Water Management Options Open House

Tuesday, October 15, 4 – 8pm
RockPointe Church, Bearspaw
(255024 Lochend Road Calgary)
This is an open house format so the time commitment is up to you.

For information on the 3 options currently being studied, the following website link takes you to very informative interactive maps (with animation) and poster boards.


Please also leave feedback on the website – the online engagement closes on October 31, 2019 at 4 pm.

With so much information on the website, why attend the open house?

  • It is important to show our support for upstream mitigation
    There was not a lot of representation from Bowness at earlier meetings
  • Face to face interaction speaks much louder than emailed support
  • Those who can influence the decision will be present
  • It is an opportunity to share concerns about the Bowness berm
    The berm is the City’s jurisdiction and this open house is by the Province on upstream options
  • To inform that we believe that an additional storage capacity upstream of Calgary is the most effective way to prevent future flooding and the reservoir must be sized to keep peak flow rates below 800 m3/s (see below for further explanation)

The Important Message To Share

  • At peak flows higher than 800 m3/sec, Bowness sees damage from groundwater flooding.
  • The City has assumed that the Province will size the upstream mitigation so that during a flood event, the peak flow will be 1230 m3/s and wants to build the berm so that their won’t be overland flooding at 1230 m3/s. But in this scenario, there will still be extensive damage from groundwater.
  • We need to give feedback that bigger is better. If the Province finds a way to lower peak flow to below 800 m3/s the berm will be irrelevant.
  • We will wait for the right solution – money is better spent on upstream solutions that keep water out of the city.

Hope to see you there,